We offer four main services:


International services stipulate business, politics and financial risk to guide investors to plan their business in Southeast Asian Countries. We are specialising on mapping the stakeholders and regulatory issue that relates to our client industry. For instance, if our client business based on the oil company, National Oil Company (NOC) or International Oil Company (IOC), then we will give you an analysis and guidance of political, economy and financial risk by focusing on the regulatory obstacle, mapping the stakeholders and predicting labour constraints ( cost and political movement). We also bridge the investors, governments and any other institutions, hoping that all stakeholders can build a strong business relationship. This is crucially important as Southeast Asian Countries has a lot to offer but yet offer very limited information and usually has negotiation issue due to limited knowledge in language and culture.


We also offer services to a local company who want to establish any company in any provinces in Indonesia. This is also very important as in  Indonesia for instance, each province has its own management, regulatory system, and culture that needs further understanding. We also offer training and consultation for any political candidate who wants to join the parliament election. Our training including:

  1. Political Branding
  2. Political Marketing
  3. Voting and Political Strategy
  4. Public Speaking
  5. Voters Psychology


We also offer depth analysis and consultation in sectoral (industrial) by using scenarios analysis, and PORTER analysis in these sectors:

  1. Renewable energy
  2. Oil and Gas
  3. Train
  4. Airline
  5. Infrastructure (High Way)
  6. Information Technology
  7. Construction (Hotel and Apartment)
  8. Hospital and Medicine


We also offer services in Islamic banking and finance under our branch company INSPIRE. Please click in this link for further information.