INSPIRE is Asian Scenarios Group (ASG) branch company that specialises on Shariah Banking and Finance with company number (No.42A/PPDT.Not/IV/2014). It is established in 2014 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

INSPIRE believes that Islamic Finance has great values that will bring betterment for the global economy. Islamic Finance is a concept that embraces ethical values, justice, integrity, risk sharing, and social protection.

We commit to contributing to the Islamic financial industry and empower Muslim Ummah through Islamic Finance. INSPIRE is fully are that Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia is a big and prospect market for Halal and Shariah business. Therefore, we present to contribute to market and business development of sharia finance and industry to our clients.

Our team is professional, industrious, and integrity and a strong commitment to deliver the best services to the client. Our team consists of experts in the industry and holds master and PhD in Islamic Finance. Our team also has a reputation and work experience in shariah finance and banking. Therefore, we believe that we can offer you the best among our competitors.


INSPIRE provides training and consulting to companies and professionals at the following areas:

  • Islamic Accounting
  • Islamic Marketing and Branding
  • Shariah Auditing and Governance
  • Islamic Capital Market
  • Islamic Microfinance
  • Fiqh Muamalat
  • Halal Industry


  • TRAINING – Reporting of Islamic Financial Transaction. Two days training covering PSAK Syariah Indonesia.
  • Participants: Minimum (15 person)
  • Fees: Based on the number of participants and training sessions. Please contact us for further information.


  1. Variety of Sharia Transactions and Contracts in Islam
  2. Basic Framework for Preparation and Presentation of Sharia Financial Statements
  3. PSAK 101: Presentation of Sharia Financial Statements
  4. PSAK 102: Accounting for Murabahah
  5. PSAK 103: Salam Accounting
  6. PSAK 104: Istishna Accounting
  7. PSAK 105: Mudharabah Accounting
  8. PSAK 106: Musyarakah Accounting
  9. Accounting for Zakat and Virtue Funds

Please note that our outline is dynamic and will follow our client’s need.



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