ASEAN Scenarios is part of Asian Scenarios Group sub company that offer specialise services on ASEAN Countries.

We fully understand that rising of ASEAN economy becomes main interest for global market. ASEAN also plays significant roles in regional and international politics. Countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and Thailand have shown tremendous achievement in economy, particularly shown from the GDP pie and performance. Such as success drawn interest of policy makers, diplomat and market players to pay more attention into ASEAN.

We believe that ASEAN is the ASIAN future. It has so much potential but yet offer a very limited information. Therefore, we want to offer a very detail information that essentially need by our clients who demand such as precise analyses regarding ASEAN geopolitics, economy and political risk analysis.

We can offer you report based on your particular needs as well tailored it for your business purposes. We have professional team that has a specific and strong interest in ASEAN countries. Those expertise covers regional politics, economy and business; political mapping; political strategies; stakeholder mapping and risk analysis.