About Us

Welcome to our home. We called it home because we love to embrace our clients as a part of our family. Our company puts forward active communication to reach the best understanding of our clients’ demands. ASIAN SCENARIOS GROUP (ASG) bridges the interest of our clients (Business and Government) to reach successful business deals and investment. Asian Scenarios is a consultant company established in London, England and headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia. We also have a brach company that specialises on ASEAN Geopolitics (ASEAN SCENARIOS), Shariah Banking and Finance (INSPIRE), Advance technologies (INATECH), and Politics and Public Policy (INPOLITIVE).


Named ASIAN SCENARIOS, ASIAN represents the region and demographics that are at the core of our expertise – specifically Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines.

ASIA is the driving force of the world economy, seen from business and economic movements that continue to grow about the world economic average. This indicates that ASIA has an economic market position with significant potential business and market prospects. The increasing middle-to-upper community demographic signals that peoples’ purchasing power is growing substantially, providing the opportunity for businesses to expand. The continued growth indicates that the market is not yet saturated, and there is still significant room for competition for new companies within these markets.

This business opportunity is not often connected by investors and the government due to lack of available information. What information there is still raw in nature, and requires expertise to read, analyse and interpret it – requiring a process to make it simple and easy to understand. In addition, a lack of information on the map of stakeholders (related parties) and a lack of understanding of the feasibility and licensing of businesses from a legal perspective is often a stumbling block for entrepreneurs to invest. This has reduced investors’ interest.

As such, SCENARIOS represents the services we offer, namely consultation and acting as intermediaries between the foreign companies and investors who want to establish investment or political and trade cooperation in ASIA, and the government agencies and local companies who can facilitate this.

The SCENARIOS that we offer are in the form of risk and opportunity analysis from the perspective of economics, politics, society, environment and law. In addition, we also provide projects based on a SCENARIOS approach that is widely adopted by the government to measure the risks of long-term economic policies. The approach that we provide is factual and scientific and is carried out by highly-qualified and experienced analysts and data scientists. In addition, we also provide advisory services to those who need our services during the investment process and negotiations, cost calculation and law advisory.

We believe that conventional business consultations that only focus on quantitative data analysis are not able to provide mature and measurable business strategies and planning solutions in the long run. Therefore, we believe combination of big data and stakeholders mapping analysis can give greater advantages for our clients.

Our company believe that business is strongly influenced by the political, legal, and social climate in each country. The analysis we provide is also supported by our team’s experience supported by expertise in various fields including economics, business, politics, law, civil engineering, architecture, robotics, information and renewable energy. In addition, we also have good relationships with stakeholders and the community, meaning we can bridge investors, government and society and good relations can be well established. This will have a huge influence on long-term business continuity.

Therefore, we confidently believe that you will plan a better future with us.